Who is MaritimeAviator?

My name is Keri Stewart.  I live in the middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario in Canada.  Winters are cold and I have lots of free time.  I fill that free time by watching a large amount of movies.  That’s really how this whole challenge came about.  I was bored in my down time and was trying to think of something that would carry me through the long winters.  Enter bat-shit crazy movie challenge.  I have taken film classes in university but I always just enjoyed film.  I never really wanted to dissect every part of it.  Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the art form in front of you.

I don’t consider myself much of a writer, so I apologize in advance.  However I am getting help from my husband Nick who edits most of my reviews after I write them.  I know what I am talking about but I find it hard to communicate it sometimes.  Nick is a great help there, so thanks baby. 🙂

That’s about it when it comes to me.  I hope you enjoy my reviews and that maybe it sparks an interest in film for you.  If you feel like dropping me a line, feel free to do so in the contact section.  I’d love to talk.  Happy watching!