Swing Time (1936)

My favorite film from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is Flickchart’s 799th best movie of all time.

The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys just came out last year and still managed a respectable #808 on the Flickchart global chart.

Miller’s Crossing (1990)

My first foray into the 90’s is the Coen brothers’ third film, Miller’s Crossing. It is Flickchart’s 196th best movie of all time.

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

Movie number seven for this challenge is the world’s best mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap (1984). It’s Flickchart’s 246th best movie of all time. Spoiler: I LOVE this movie.

Suspiria (1977)

Back into the dark and dreary we go with my first review of the 1970s, Suspiria. Sitting at #265 on Flickchart’s list of best movies of all time, where do I put it?

My Fair Lady (1964)

My first musical entry is Flickchart’s 558th ranked film of all time. It was a refreshing departure from a few doom and gloom films. How high did I chart it?

The Wrong Man (1956)

My 4th review and Flickchart’s 1149th best movie of all time. Spoiler: It did NOT fare well with me.

Rope (1948)

My third review comes from the 1940s. It is my first color film and my first Hitchcock film. It is ranked 128th best film of all time on Flickchart. Could it possibly be better with me?